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If you're a PA non-profit, we're your most important funding resource.

Our intuitive, affordable interactive database allows you to search out the exact foundations who are most interested in granting money to you. Ours is the only database exclusively for Pennsylvania non-profits, listing foundations specifically interested in funding PA non-profits.

We have everything you need to find funders easily, including:

  • A comprehensive, continuously updated database of over 2,300 foundations that specifically fund PA non-profits.
  • Accurate contact info including: name, title, mailing address, email and phone number for each foundation.
  • Historical, searchable info on assets, number and dollar amount of grants given - to whom and for what, by type, amount and recipient organization.
  • Search by grant recipients, to see what similar groups have received and from whom.
  • Searchable "interest codes" to help you target funders.
  • Search by the region or county of PA where they fund.
  • Save your search results and your favorite foundation profiles.

PA Foundations is an incredibly affordable, ongoing resource.

Only $500 for the first year!

(And it gets better from there…)

As long as you stay a subscriber, your rate will never go up.
In fact, in year 2, your subscription price drops to $400.
And year 3 and beyond is only $300 (with a continuous subscription).

We offer scholarship opportunities for small and emerging nonprofit organizations.
Refer a friend and receive 3 free months when you renew your subscription.

Here's what our clients say about us:

  • My organization got a $90,000 grant… I never would have found this funder, who is NOT on the Internet, without PA Foundations Online.
  • I do the grant writing and I couldn't do it without a resource like PA Foundations Online.
  • The site and search page are easy to use and the results are much more meaningful than the standard Internet search.
  • With PAFO, I can go into the website and put in my search parameters and get results. The amount of time it saves is huge.
  • It is the most extensive, detailed, cost effective, user friendly resource available.
  • You can't have a successful grants program unless you include the PA Foundations Online service in your cadre of fundraising tools.